Know the Types of Forex Traders

Some time ago we have discussed a lot about forex, ranging from playing strategies to tips on becoming a professional trader. Calculations in the world of forex are indeed unique, just like when you play stocks. Investment is the main goal of traders who plunge into the world of this trading market, some of which have the real goal of not looking for large profits but how to understand the workings of the forex system so that it can be easily run in the long run. Did not rule out the possibility that many people who have been successful from the forex world will go to the even more difficult stage of stocks and bonds. However, on this beautiful occasion we will not discuss detailed forex game strategies, but more to the types of forex traders and what we hope from this article can help you to find your true identity. There are about 3 types of types of forex traders that we know to this day, maybe you have one of them. Curious ? Let's look at the information below.



Types of Forex Traders You Need to Know

According to some forex observers, there are at least a number of types of traders that they think have unique strategies in competing in this trading market, there are types of traders who prefer to cut loss in the short time to the type of long-term trader. All of that is part of their techniques in the world of trading. Some types that we know to this day are daily traders, long-term traders and swing traders. Although the basic strategies applied by these three types of traders have not changed, but all traders who play definitely need the right time based on their experience so far. Until in the end, there emerged the types of traders that we mentioned above earlier. Let you further explore these three types of traders, try to understand the complete information below.

Explanation of the Three Types of Forex Traders According to Observers

1. Daily Trader - Usually referred to by the term (Day Trader) who almost spends his time trading

This first type is a daily trader, let's say maybe this is you who like to enter the market with the aim of going out and then closing the trading position (Exit). This type of trading requires a fast and stable internet connection so that you can easily access forex charts optimally. This type of trader spends almost every time in front of a laptop or computer screen to monitor chart movements according to their expectations and predictions. Do not rule out the possibility, this type is always aware of the name Loss, so it does not escape every second from the forex chart. More simply, this type of price quotes real-time and executes orders in a better way. Unfortunately, being a type of trader like this does require a lot of time,

- Pro opinion from Day Trader Type

According to several respondents, related to this type of day trader. It is the right choice for those who do not have other jobs, or jobs that can be visited at home. Did not rule out the possibility, if a day trader would rather execute and be more vigilant with excessive loses. This type of trader is faster in taking profits than demand imbalance (Demand), while for supply (Supply) is also not too far to decline. This is one of the most crucial things for day traders. In general, daily traders can get profits consistently more than 10 times a day, and even then for 1-3 positions only. What about the many positions opened?

- Pendapat Kontra mengenai day trader

Meskipun banyak orang yang mendukung dengan tipe day trader, tetapi ada pendapat kontra dari mereka yang tidak menyukai tipe ini. Pertama, mereka yang day trader ingin mendapatkan keuntungan maksimal atau istilah kasarnya ingin cepat kaya. Padahal, profit setiap hari dengan menjadi tipe ini belum memberikan jaminan 100% selalu profit. Itu hanya membuat waktu anda sia-sia saja. Tipe day trader lebih cenderung emosi dalam hal masuk dan menutup posisi karena mereka harus mengambil keputusan secara singkat dan sesuai dengan target. Secara ringkasnya, day trader bisa mengambil keputusan lebih lama, intinya kerugian menjadi hal penting yang harus di hindari.

2. Tipe Swing Trader

Tipe trader berikutnya dikenal dengan istilah wing yang artinya suka menahan posisi trading dalam waktu tempi sekitar 4-5 harian. Terkadang, ada juga trader yang lebih suka menahan hingga 1 minggu lebih. Tipe ini tidak memerlukan real time untuk terus duduk di depan layar laptop.

- Pendapat Pro

Sebagian besar trader setuju dengan tipe ini karena menurut mereka, menjadi swing trader bukanlah keputusan yang salah, mereka mampu mempertimbangkan dengan baik dan cenderung lebih sabar dalam menghadapi segala bentuk lonjakan maupun chart yang tinggi. Setiap keputusan yang mereka ambil sudah direncanakan dengan matang sehingga cukup untuk meminimalisir kerugian.

- Pendapat Kontra

Bagi seorang trader yang aktif, tipe ini cukup membosankan karena mau tidak mau anda harus menunggu waktu yang lama untuk melakukan eksekusi atau tutup posisi. Terlihat dari cara tipe trader yang lebih suka menahan posisi waktu yang tepat, padahal kita sendiri tahu ritme dari pasar dagang yang selalu berubah “Fluktuasi “ setiap detik atau menitnya. Ini jelas bisa membuang waktu yang berharga, terlebih pada saat posisi terbaik tidak di eksekusi.

3. Long Term Position Trader ( Tipe Trader Jangka Panjang )

Tipe trader yang terakhir adalah tipe jangka panjang, mereka lebih suka menahan posisi dalam waktu beberapa minggu bahkan lebih parahnya bisa sampai 1 bulan lamanya. Tipe trader ini tidak terlalu banyak membutuhkan koneksi internet super cepat ataupun informasi data real time.

- Pendapat pro

In general, those who agree with type always consider careful planning. That is, if you dare to hold the position for up to 1 month, of course it has analyzed the market well. That is why, we call the type of long-term trader towards professional traders, for traders who are active every day may be quite impossible, but not for those who are experienced.

- Counter Opinions

Those long-term traders always use fundamental strategies and economic news and some opinions from professionals. Trading style like this generally prefer to wait or breakout in a position for a long time, sometimes the results are also uncertain whether the profit or even loss.
Now those are some types of traders that you might want to know, are you one of them? Find out now.






Published on: 4/7/20, 12:31 PM
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