Easy Ways to Become a PROFESSIONAL Forex Trader

Talking about the world of trading, we think you will agree that actually to be a professional trade it takes quite a long time. Those who have long been in the trading world, are quicker to understand the behavior and changes in the global market compared to new players. Yep, we believe that at this time you may only understand trading terms, but the knowledge of the world of financial markets is still quite minimal. We don't blame it, because in principle all traders have experienced it. Well, in the previous article we have discussed a lot about the world of trading starting from the terms in it, preparation before trading to learn to become a trading without the help of a mentor. Whereas in the following article, we will learn to become a professional forex trader, with a note you've listened and read all the previous articles. Because at this stage, we are pretty sure that you have finished understanding and exploring what forex really is. So, these tips can you apply easily enough later.

You need to know to achieve success as a trader is not easy, it takes a lot of changes to the evaluation of the way you trade to financial management. As simple as this, when you play trading, the initial goal is to obtain profits continuously in an indefinite period of time, basically this becomes the principle and initial guideline of a professional trader to continue to survive until now. However, if you have not been able to achieve it, please attach a few simple ways that we will share below, which is to become a professional trader. But before that, try to see some things that you need to change in playing forex trading.



3 Changes That Help You Become a Professional Trader

⤕ Know your losses for sure

The first step is powerful enough to change the way you play is to know with certainty your losses until this moment. Many forex traders tend to close themselves or look away when they fail in trading. Supposedly, the most appropriate way is to record all losses experienced from the beginning of trading until this moment, so you can do better money management. Actions like this can help you become a successful trader. The following are some evaluations that you need to do if you want to become a professional trader.






  • When you have used risk management correctly, then pay attention again whether it is in accordance with your trading capital?
  • When in the world of trading, you use funds for daily needs, whether it will burden your household needs?
  • If you already have a trading strategy that is right and effective enough, can you really implement it in a disciplined manner and only focus on one market?
  • When you have an effective trading strategy, are you quite sure that just analyzing a trading chart can make high profits?


Well, that's all you need to think carefully before actually becoming a professional trader. Not everyone can do that, but we believe you can do it easily.

⤕ Plans for improvement

The next change is to make a plan for improvement, the most important thing you have to admit is that you yourself have failed and maybe today is the umpteenth time. So, our best advice for you is to make changes. A simple example, if until this moment you have not really disciplined in implementing trading strategies that have been tested and effective. So, look again at the first point of the second part. The best way you can do to improve is to start taking certain steps to plan and limit the number of trades per day or per week. Just say that the maximum entry of 3-4 times a week, this will make you much more disciplined in playing forex trading. Another step that needs to be changed here is to determine the correct risk management, for example if you take a higher risk on a lot of trading that is too large, then you can plan to trade again with no risk of more than two or three percent of the total funds you have. However, if you experience a loss when trading, do not ever use funds for daily needs because obviously it will disturb your household financial situation.

⤕ Start with your best plan

Finally, the changes you need to make here are started to make a new plan to correct your previous mistakes. Make this change a few months and see if it is effective enough for yourself? You should always make improvements and better evaluations to become a successful trader.
How to become a professional trader?

⤕ Don't spend time on market analysis

Many professional traders are reluctant to do this, they don't want to spend a lot of time on news of market analysis or the influence of things that they think don't help. The more news about market conditions you know, it will make you confused and confused in making decisions. Just know what you need to know, do not listen too much information that is true or not tested.

⤕ Professional traders always trade according to their own beliefs

If you want to become a professional trader, then make sure you are confident in what you see. For example, if you are trading, don't be tempted by estimates that are actually uncertain. For example, if you sell today, you can profit, or if you hold, you can profit. There are still many uncertain estimates, so avoid things that only make you hesitate. Because, if you believe in what is in front of your eyes and have implemented technical and fundamental strategies well, then you are more optimistic.

⤕ Don't depend and expect the indicator

A mistake that is often made by beginners in the trading market is to expect or depend on the indicators that are on the trading chart. Trading charts can give you the right decisions but can also be confusing. Because according to a professional trader, at the beginning they see a trading chart, the first thing you should see is the price movements that are. In experience, those who have long been in the world of trading are easier to read price movements in the "Naked" (Naked Price). Usually the indicator that is often used is the Moving Average as a more resistant and dynamic level of support.

Now that's tips for those of you who want to learn to become a professional trader, how do you understand or even get confused? Therefore, at the beginning of the article we have told you, if you want to understand the article this time you must read all of our previous articles relating to the world of trading. Okay, get here first and good luck. Thanks.







Published on: 4/7/20, 12:33 PM
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