8 List of Major Financial Institutions in the World of Forex Trading

List of major financial institutions in the world of Forex trading - In the world of trading there are many things you should know if you really want to become a trader. Some things that exist in the world of Trading such as multinational companies, speculators, retail traders and many others. All things related to trading you should be able to know.
Of the many players in the world of Trading, there is one important player who is the main actor, namely a very large bank. This bank really has an extraordinary foreign exchange value. Banks are able to provide a very important role in the world of trading. Has been surveyed a few years ago where a value of 5 trillion US dollars has been bagged in a day, a nominal amount that is extraordinary.

The bank takes 60% of the transaction results. It is inconceivable how much money can be generated from active and passive banks in Forex Trading. Here are 8 lists of major financial institutions in the world of Forex Trading!

1. Citi

The first Forex Trading financial institution is Citi. This one institution ranks first as the holder of the Forex Trading financial institution. This bank is more than 200 years old, even this Citi bank is able to provide extraordinary results. About US $ 645 billion has been generated from Bank Citi in the world of trading.

Although as the first financial institution in the world, Bank Citi has experienced a huge loss. In 2008, Citi's financial institution suffered a loss of 300 billion US dollars. After that, Bank Citi has developed again to produce 420 billion US dollars. His success was again achieved and continues to grow until now.

2. JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase is one of the sixth Forex Trading institutions. JPMorgan Chase is able to produce approximately 440 billion US dollars. This bank is one of the largest banks in the United States. His success made Bank JPMorgan also channeled himself in the world of Trading.

Even though it was a success, the bank also suffered a huge loss. This is due to one of a Trader manipulating derivative transactions that cause the loss of 9 billion US dollars along with the fines to be paid. Even so, this JPMorgan Chase Bank has regained its glory after all problems have been dealt with. Since then, JPMorgan Chase Bank has been able to provide the best performance.

3. UBS

One of the other well-known Forex Trading institutions is UBS. Certainly already familiar with this one bank. UBS is one of the banks which is able to produce approximately US $ 440. This bank is one of the famous banks in Switzerland. The results obtained from the Forex Trading institution really make this famous bank skyrocketed.

Even so, there must be a problem with a well-known bank, as well as UBS Bank. Approximately 50 billion lost from the company due to the manipulation that occurred in 2008 ago. Manipulation is carried out by traders who are not responsible for carrying out their duties in the Forex Trading instusion.

Seeing that, the Swiss government finally took firm action and helped the USB Bank to resume its business. After a few years later, its assets rose dramatically to 1.7 Trillion US dollars.

4. Deutsche Bank

The next Forex trading financial institution is Deutsche Bank. This type of bank really has an extraordinary history, where the Deutsche Bank has gone through two world wars that occurred on this earth. Deutsche Bank is able to rank second in the world as the main financial institution of Forex Trading to date. Deutsche Bank has also generated approximately 395 billion US dollars.

This bank also controlled the market share in 2009, where 21% of the market share was controlled by Deutsche Bank. Just like everything else, this bank also did not run smoothly and had suffered losses of up to 6 billion Euros. Seeing that, Deutsche Bank continues to make efforts to recover losses. Until finally, Deutsche Bank managed to restore the situation and was able to become a financial institution of Forex Trading.

5. Bofa Merrill Lynch

Bofa Merrill Lynch has also become one of the largest Forex Trading financial institutions in the world to date. Previously, the name of this bank was called Bank of America, which has now been changed to Bofa Merrill Lynch. This one bank is able to produce approximately 320 billion US dollars. A truly fantastic value has been achieved by this financial institution in running Forex Trading.

Bank Bofa Merrill Lynch also experienced a decline in the value of shares, which decreased to 30%. Achievement which dropped dramatically finally returned to normal and experienced a very large increase. The Bank's heyday was only proven in 2011, which was once recorded as the second largest Forex Trading financial institution in the world.

6. Barclays

The next largest Forex Trading financial institution is Barclays. This institution really has an amazing profit. Approximately 285 billion US dollars became one of the very large profits. Barclays Bank originates from the United Kingdom. This bank had experienced a very difficult time, namely because it was unable to repay loans from other banks.

The Barclays Bank must pay off the debt of 3.2 billion US dollars every day. In addition, the Bank also experienced fines to the Financial Supervisory Authority in New York amounting to US $ 635 million. This is because the Bank was caught using a special algorithm that makes the Bank must pay a fine.

7. Goldman Sachs

The next financial institution is Goldman Sachs. This bank also has a very large profit value. Goldman Sachs Bank is able to produce up to 235 US dollars. This bank has been established since 1869 and employs 36,500 people. This bank can even produce assets up to 861 billion in US.

There was once an upset by the Bank when building a pyramid scheme. The scheme resulted in losses of up to 300 million US dollars. In addition, other bankruptcies were also carried out due to manipulation of financing for all companies.


HSBC is also not inferior to other trading financial institutions. HSBC has already produced a Forex industry of around US $ 230 billion. Looking at its position, this Bank is ranked fourth in the world when viewed from the side of assets which reached 2.67 trillion US dollars.

That is some information about the 8 Forex Trading financial institutions that we can convey. Hope it is useful, thank you.




Published on: 4/16/20, 12:35 PM
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