How to Successfully Play Forex Trading on an Android Smartphone

Playing forex trading is one thing that is very fun, even more so if done through an android smartphone. Obviously this will be an interesting habit for you to do this second. Playing forex trading can be done anywhere as long as there are adequate equipment such as Android phones, laptops and a stable internet connection. However, on this occasion we will discuss about how to successfully play forex trading via an android smartphone.

Bearing in mind, the development of an android smartphone is experiencing a significant increase, almost everything can be done with an android phone. Even to send and receive money can also be via Android mobile phone, simple and easy right? Well, for that, let's actually see what a successful way to play forex trading with the Android phone. Is it really profitable or not at all. Please see carefully the information below.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Trading with Android Phone

Before we go into a more detailed discussion, it helps you first look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing forex on an android smartphone which basically makes it easy for us as a trader to make purchases wherever we are. The explanation you can see below.

- Trading forex with an android phone will make it easier for every trader to take advantage of much more productive time, compared to having to sit for hours in front of your laptop / pc. It also allows you to do many other activities while observing the current trading trends. The benefits, you can still buy and close orders at any time you want, for example when waiting in line at the bank or will pay BPJS fees for example. How very easy is not it?

- Then the next time, every time you play trading with an android phone, the system of the platform will provide alart for the user to get the best trading position. In this way, you will not be left behind to trade, especially if the market price is still good.

Despite the advantages offered, in fact playing trading with an android cellphone is still considered to have many shortcomings or weaknesses. One of them is the trick to overcome the risk is still very small, because we can not focus well on the way trading. Because the actual use of trading with an android phone, only limited to see and check it, but did not rule out the possibility you will open a market there. Therefore from that, try to continue to do a good market analysis even though trading using an Android phone. Because, out there are still many people successfully playing trading using an Android phone. Moreover, for now there are already many platforms from brokers that support Android. You just have to use it and start trading forex right now.

One more thing that you need to consider well when trading using an android cellphone, the display platform is not as maximal as the display on a laptop screen, so it often takes a certain focus level to see the value or number you are installing. Do not be mistaken in entering the value, because the value of the trading market is very meaningful. Once you are wrong, the worst case scenario is a big loss. Although you are given the ease to open positions and close positions, don't be too happy because of such convenience. Keep using the trading plan properly, in order to get profit according to your target.

Here's How to Succeed Trading with Android Forex

1. Screen Size Becomes the Main Determinant

In the world of forex trading, a wide screen on a PC will make it easy for every trader to do many things, for example opening a position and closing a position whenever he wants. However, if you use an android cellphone to play trading, try to choose a cellphone with a large screen size. This aims to make you more free to see numbers and do a lot of execution in it. The screen size is small, most likely it will cover the numbers or menus on the trading platform, making it difficult to take the necessary action. The minimum screen size on the most suitable Android phone is 5.5 inches.

2. Battery capacity is also important

Playing trading on an android phone also has to do with cellphone batteries, the best cellphone batteries have a capacity of around 4000 mAh, because for now the trading platform is like games that require a fairly large amount of battery power. Because obviously, you don't only have a short time to access the trading platform, it takes hours to play on an android phone. Like a gamers who need a large battery capacity on smartphones they use in playing games. Well, you also need to prepare this well.

3. Use a stable network

Your success in the world of trading is also determined by the use of a network which is more stable the network will facilitate your action in doing many things. Opening a position and closing an order is important to do quickly, if the network you are using is unstable or often interrupted, it is likely that you will fail the order and ultimately will not make a profit at that time. So, try to use a stable network such as wifi or a particular provider.

4. Take advantage of a demo account on an android mobile

One of the things we like about this forex trading game is to create a demo account with an endless balance of contents, it can be said to be easier for us to learn and explore this forex game well. In fact, you don't need to lose money when the balance on the demo account is up, add it again to fill in the balance and start opening orders. Do this as much as possible until you really get a profit with the original money balance. Many professional traders have learned from demo accounts and achieved success in the future. As we know, if success cannot come just like that, there are stages that you need to go through to achieve success in the future. One of them is to use a demo account to practice your skills and abilities.

5. Pay attention to the appearance of the chart

The most important thing in the trading world is the chart position which is always considered well, sometimes landscape view is the best solution compared to portrait display because it is very difficult to see chart movements on the trading platform. Activate the automatic rotation mode so that you don't have difficulty to execute on the trading platform, besides that the chart display also becomes important in considering your decision going forward.
Well, until here first our tips on how to successfully play forex trading with an android phone. Hopefully this information can be useful for you and us all. Continue to learn to explore the forex trading game and achieve success now.




Published on: 4/28/20, 1:37 AM