6 Best Brokers According to Professional Brokers

The forex market is one of the many tools used by many people to buy and sell foreign currencies, with the hope of obtaining a definite profit from this activity. Not surprisingly, today you will find a large variety of forex brokers offering various joining promos ranging from bonus deposit bonuses to lucrative trading lot sizes. Well, you need to know that we summarize some of the best brokers that are widely used by people to carry out their trading activities so far. As for the names of each of these brokers, we also provide information such as broker data and some of the advantages offered. If you are curious, please just refer to the information below.

Following are the Best Brokers of Professional Traders

1. IQ Option

This broker is already familiar to forex traders, even those who are unfamiliar with forex even know what Iq Option is because of the ads that we can see everywhere. In accordance with its advertisements which are quite popular in the internet world, this broker has many advantages that can be obtained by many traders such as significant investment and strengthen its quality with language support from various countries in the world. Customer support 24/7 is responsive enough to provide information and services to customers. This broker provides a large market reach so we are sure to be a reference for you. Some things you can trade such as stocks, cryptocurrencies and commodities. The following is some additional information from IQ Option.

- Deposit minimum : $10 dollar
- Laverag Until 1: 500
- Regulations: Fsb, CySEC
- Tipe Broker : Marker Maker
- Instruments provided: indexes, ETFs, CFDs, Commodities and Stocks
- Website: www.id-iqoption.com


This next forex broker has been around since 2020 and is one of the largest brokers in Europe. It has even expanded its wings to Indonesia, so you can start trading at this broker. In 2018 it had recorded growth of up to 100% and had offices in Cyprus and other offices in the Londong, Moscow and Hong Kong branches. Then, Etoro also offers many fairly complete trading instruments such as indexes, stocks, forex and cryptocurrence. As for the use of the most famous trading platform of this broker is more intuitive and very easy to use even for novice traders. A trading application is available that allows each trader to copy strategies from other traders. Easy and fast, so you have a chance for higher cuan.

- Deposit minimum : $200 dollar
- Laverag Until 1: 500
- Regulations: CYSEC, FCA UK
- Tip Broker: ECN-DMA
- Instruments provided: indexes, ETFs, CFDs, Commodities and Stocks
- Countries: Europe, Russia, United Kingdom and China
- Website: www.etoro.com

3. XM

Who is not familiar with this one broker? It was founded in 2009 in Cyprus and is one of the third largest brokers after IQ Option and Etoro. When viewed from the side of the use of the platform itself, the trading application offered is MetaTrade 4 and MT5 which are already superior with the latest technology in order execution. That is why XM is very popular among active traders to this day. The following is additional information about Xm broker that you need to know about.

- Deposit minimum : $5 dollar
- Laverag Until 888: 1
- Regulations: CySEC, ASIC
- Tipe Broker : Marker Maker
- Instruments provided: Indexes, Commodities, Stocks and CFDs
- Country: Cyprus
- Website: www.xm.com

4. FxPro

The forex broker, which has existed since 2006 and was established in the United Kingdom, is one of the brokers that is more into the forex category. This type of broker is ECN / STP and has won several awards from year to year, also famous for its trading platform which is quite easy to understand by novice traders. Fxpro also always provides the latest innovations to serve traders as much as possible, the presence of some technology from the FxPro platform features can be a real proof that this broker will impose sophistication in matters of Forex trading. You can also enjoy several other services provided by FxPro such as FxPro Library, cAlgo Algorithmic and Quant Strategy builder. Other information from this broker can be seen at the bottom.

- Deposit minimum : $10 dollar
- Laverag Until 1: 500
- Regulations: CySEC and FCA
- Tipe Broker : STP ( Straight Through Proccesing )
- Forex instruments


Another broker that is compulsory for you to make a place to play forex is IG.COM which is one of the famous brokers among active traders since 1974. This broker is known for its maximum service and reliability in providing trading satisfaction, then IG market has also become one of the brokers with the highest number of CFDs that can be accessed by many investors, more precisely there are around 10,000. Although several years ago did not support the metatrader platform, IG.com now has a platform with the name ProRealTime which can be integrated with MT4 and L2 dealers. Please refer to additional information from this one broker.

- Deposit minimum : $200 dollar
- Laverag Until 200: 1
- Regulations: FCA UK, FINMA (Not for American customers) and ASIC
- Tipe Broker : Marker Maker
- Instruments provided: indexes, ETFs, CFDs, Commodities, Stocks, Interest Rates, Bonds, Bitcoin and IPO
- Country: United Kingdom
- Website: www.ig.com

6. Oanda

The next best broker in position number 6 is Oanda, who has been around since 1995 and is one of the biggest players among forex traders. Furthermore, there are around 20% of daily spot forex operations that pass Oanda's server. The most widely used trading platform here is the classic MT4 and also provides its own webtrader that can be used by their customers. The following is additional information from the Oanda broker.

- Minimum deposit: There is no minimum deposit
- Laverag Until 50: 1
- Regulations: IIROC, Mas Singapore, CFTC, FCA UK and NFA
- Tipe Broker : Marker Maker
- Instruments provided: Commodities, Bonds, Indices, and CFDs
- Country: United States and Canada
- Website: www.oanda.com

This is the best and biggest forex broker information according to professional traders. That is all and thank you.




Published on: 4/28/20, 1:45 AM
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