The Latest Business Opportunities for Housewives

As a housewife whose main job is sometimes only at home and cleaning, maybe you can try some home business opportunities that are well suited for those of you who have a profession as a housewife. Interestingly, the work that we will provide can be taken away at home and can certainly bring in enough side income to meet daily needs. It is true that housewives are usually always bored with their daily lives waiting for home, child care, and so on, but if they open a home-based business like below, it must be far more productive. Check out the information below.

The Latest Business Opportunities for Housewives



  • Open the stitches


For those of you who have the skills to sew shirts, shirts, pants and even make attractive designs, this job has many advantages especially when opened in a housing complex. Your good work must be enough to make the customer who once ordered will come back again, well, opening the stitches of clothes at home does not require large capital. The price of a sewing machine that is just a medium size is priced around Rp. 1 million only, while for other purposes can be adjusted by the number of incoming orders. Per piece of clothing is usually priced around Rp. 20,000 (just cutting), what about customers who order a package of clothes for their family? Fortunately much more.






  • Opened a grocery shop


One of the business opportunities that can be done at home is to open a grocery shop, there are many kinds of grocery stalls that you can open ranging from selling coffee and fried foods or selling heavy food such as rice cake, pecel and many others. The point is the secret of the success of the grocery shop is seen from its delicious cooking, clean stalls and hygienic food.







  • Opened laundry


Another business opportunity that can be done at home is to open a laundry service that is currently being done by many mothers in areas close to educational facilities such as campuses, schools and offices. Per 1 kg of laundry is usually priced at Rp. 4,500 x the number of kilos of clothes dilaundry. The benefits of laundry are quite large if you yourself can be patient and consistent. The price of a laundry washing machine is also not quite expensive, with only 1,500,000, you can already buy a washing machine with a good brand.








  • Selling light snacks


Next another business opportunity with a small capital for housewives is to sell light snacks, the purpose of these snacks is snacks that are usually packed for certain events such as meetings, seminars, graduation and many others. Capital funds needed to sell light snacks are also not too large, just adjust the prices of food ingredients so that you can determine the price to consumers.
Now that's some business opportunities that are quite profitable and can be done at home specifically for housewives, there are actually many other employment options that you can try. But considering the capital needed is also limited, the business opportunities that exist above you can try. That is all and thank you, hopefully this article can be useful for you all.





Published on: 1/11/20, 2:47 PM
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